Log in by clicking on the “LOGIN button” at the top right. Enter email address of your user account and password. Click on the “green LOGIN button”.
After a successful log in, picture and name of your user account will appear in toolbar at the top.

2. Find your event
Find your event by using search engine on the link HERE. You can browse for your event in groups or look for it in section “Next events”. Here are listed events which are taking place right now or will follow shortly.
If your event is not in the section “Next events“, enter event title in search field “ Search for event” and select it by clicking on it.

3. Results
After selecting event, informations about the competition will be displayed. Click on the tab “ Results“. Choose squad/time for which you want to enter results. Results should be entered after each game into fiels next to player’s name.

Be shure to click on the green button “SAVE RESULTS” in the red box after entering results. Results will be saved after clicking a button!

For Slovenian translation click HERE.